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Ostrander Scholar Society Scholarship Programs

Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1997 and honors the memory of Josh Sain, who served as the 1997 National Order of the Arrow Vice Chief.  During his years of involvement, he became a Vigil Honor member, received the Founders Award and was honored by his lodge with the James E. West Fellowship.  Josh was a charismatic young man who inspired thousands of Arrowmen to continue their quest of service in the Order of the Arrow.  Our Order suffered a great loss in October of 1997 when Josh passed away after an automobile accident.  This scholarship is a tribute and testament to his service that inspired so many. 



Jo Ann Ostrander "Spirit of the Volunteer" Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 2012 and honors college-bound high school seniors as well as current undergraduate students who provide several hundred hours of volunteer service annually.  Jo Ann Ostrander fought three separate battles with cancer and passed away in 2002 at the age of 56.  During her lifetime, she inspired countless groups of people to volunteer and give back to their community.  Jo Ann continued to volunteer for church, Boy Scouts and other organizations despite her ailing health.  Volunteering meant so much to Jo Ann, that she still managed to show up to a Scouting event just a few weeks before her passing.  God, Family and Community were the hallmarks of Jo Ann's life and this scholarship is intended to honor those who embrace volunteerism even in the midst of their darkest hour. 


Michael Rossman Memorial Scholarship

Plans to implement this new scholarship are currently underway.  This scholarship will honor those who desire a career in Animal Services.  Michael Rossman loved his pets and recognized the value animals play in daily life.  Details are still being finalized.  We anticipate this scholarship will be for those who pursue careers as a Veterinarian or related fields such as Vet Techs.

Michael was afflicted with Neurofibromatosis - a neurological disease that causes tumors to grow along various types of nerves and, in some cases, can affect the development of bones and skin. Neurofibromatosis causes tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body and in some situations, the tumors may become cancerous.  This was the case for Michael Rossman who passed away in 2004 at the age of 23.  We hope this scholarship will both raise awareness of Neurofibromatosis and further advance the cause of Animal Careers.  We expect to launch this scholarship by the Fall of 2015.

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