The  origin of the Ostrander Scholar Society dates to the Spring of 1997  when our Founder met National Order of the Arrow Vice Chief, Josh  Sain. Mr. Sain was an inspiration to Mr. Ostrander, inspiring him to  remain active in the Order of the Arrow and pursue leadership roles  beyond the local level. In October of 1997, Mr. Sain passed away after  an automobile accident at the age of 19. Mr.  Ostrander decided that something should be done to keep the spirit of  Mr. Sain alive, and thus, the Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship © was  created with the blessing and support of Mr. Sain’s family. The first  scholarship was awarded in 1999 and interest in the scholarship program  began to increase over time.

By 2005, it became clear that the scholarship was gaining more attention  and the number of applicants would likely increase.  It was then  decided that the program should operate as a non-profit organization to  give the general public the option to support the scholarship with their  donations. In 2007, Mr. Ostrander incorporated the organization as the  Ostrander Scholar Society and established a Board of Directors to help  manage its operations.  In March of 2011, the Internal Revenue Service  determined that the Ostrander Scholar Society qualified as a 501(c)(3)  tax exempt entity.

What makes the scholarship unique is that it’s a merit-based  scholarship.  To date, over $4000 worth of merit-based scholarships have  been provided for Eagle Scouts.